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The story

                       of a successful merger

                       On 30 March 2010, Coteba and Sogreah merged to form Artelia, one of France's
                       leading independent engineering, project management and consulting groups.
                       Several fundamental choices lay behind this decision. First of all, it was be a
                       merger between equals - something that was widely seen within the profession
                       as a risky undertaking, but that we were convinced was the right way forward.
                       Secondly, we decided that the new Group should be based on extensive employee
                       shareholding in order to guarantee its independence and its entrepreneurial
                       spirit. And last but not least, our ambition was to create a leading player in the
                       European engineering sector.
                                                                                         Jacques Gaillard
                       Following ten years of sustained collective efforts, this initial challenge was   Chairman and CEO of Sogreah until 2010
                       achieved. Artelia now ranks as one of Europe's top fifteen engineering firms and   Co-founder of Artelia
                                                                                         Member of the Board of Directors
                       has built a reputation as a group that is appealing, dynamic and deeply committed
                       to human values. It has succeeded in reinforcing its multi-disciplinary nature
                       and its geographical footprint by attracting renowned engineering companies
                       such as Auxitec and MOE, which now constitute two of its key pillars. Artelia has
                       also contributed to the success of thousands of projects around the world, while
                       distinguishing itself by embarking on a programme of continuous improvement
                       both from a technical standpoint and in terms of corporate social responsibility.
                       Today, the Group stands on a firm footing and holds multiple assets: a strong
                       brand, shared values, a committed management team and employees who are
                       passionate about what they do. For us as founding partners, this is a source of
                       great pride. We would like to express our warm thanks to all the men and women   Alain Bentéjac
                       who  have shared  this  wonderful  adventure  with  us,  and  our  full trust  in  our   Chairman of Coteba from 1999 to 2010
                                                                                         Co-founder of Artelia
                       successors to bring Artelia to the next stage of its development.  Member of the Board of Directors
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