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Shared values

                       that drive our future

                       Artelia's roots run deep, through a century of engineering history and a rich
                       legacy that we are committed to nurturing while setting the Group on a firm path
                       to sustainable managed growth. We are proud of this rich history and keen to
                       share it with you in this book, by giving a voice to some of the men and women
                       who played a part in it and are continuing to shape it through their everyday tasks.
                       In setting out their vision and sharing their personal experiences of the past ten
                       years, they shine a spotlight on our greatest asset: relentless commitment of the
                       men and women at Artelia to serve our clients and beyond to build a better world.
                       We are united by a shared passion for practising a profession that combines the
                       art of designing solutions with accuracy and ingenuity, and building with high
                       commitment and diligence. As we celebrate the tenth anniversary of Artelia's
                       creation, we are reaffirming this strong momentum through the wording of our
                       corporate purpose, "Designing solutions for a positive life", our signature, "Passion
                       & Solutions", and five re-appraised values: "Excellence, Simplicity, Sharing,
                       Independence, Passion". Five values which are a testament to our history, reflect
                       our identity, drive our future, and give meaning to our commitment to our clients   Claude Imauven
                       and to society as a whole.                                        Chairman of the Artelia Group
                                                                                         Board of Directors
                       These values have underpinned everything we have done over the past decade
                       and transpire naturally through the testimonials featured in this book. They tell
                       both who we are and what we are striving to build in the next few years: a true
                       leading European engineering firm spanning multiple disciplines and excelling in
                       each one, competing on a global scale through a dense network of local offices,
                       capable of comprehending complex issues, building simple and genuine human
                       relationships, focusing on its clients and playing an active role in improving quality
                       of life and the health of our planet.
                       Our rich history - both distant and more recent - strengthens our confidence in our
                       ability to meet the challenges that lie ahead and encourages us to embrace the   Benoît Clocheret
                       decade to come wholeheartedly.                                    Artelia Group Chief Executive Officer
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